Our mission is to provide outstanding portfolio management services for clients who desire a well constructed, and methodically managed investment portfolio that will help them reach their investment goals and objectives.

Vintage Capital Advisors, LLC was founded in 2004 by David Stewart, who brings 25 years of financial services experience, 20 of which have in the asset management arena. Mr. Stewart is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with dual degrees in Accountancy & Finance. Prior to founding Vintage Capital Advisors, Mr. Stewart had worked for such notable investment firms as Lexington Capital Management, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup Global Markets (Smith Barney).

Vintage Capital Advisors was founded on the premise that every investor should be able to enjoy the benefits of institutional-style asset management, without the high commissions, fees, and product pushing of a brokerage firm. Therefore, we bring to our clients investment strategies, generally reserved for only the highest net worth individuals and institutions, for a fee that is reasonable & primarily tied to the client's success.

At Vintage Capital Advisors, our philosophy is that clients are paying us for aiding them in making money in all markets, and not for simply charging an asset management fee for their account with the intent of building the advisor's own wealth simply through "asset gathering" which is generally the process at most brokerage firms. Our advisors' wealth & success is tied directly to our clients' wealth & success through the option of performance based fees (client must meet minimum assets under management and "Accredited Investor" requirements). This is a commitment to your assets rarely seen in the investment advisory business, and is one of the many reasons we are different from our competition.

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