We believe in differentiating ourselves from our competition, not only through our investment expertise, but also through the way we are compensated for our services. It's our opinion that proper alignment of client goals and advisor compensation is one of the keys to lasting prosperous relationships. Therefore, we align our wealth & prosperity to the wealth & prosperity of our clients through compensation based on a low asset management fee, which is generally significantly lower than the industry standard, a performance based fee, or a combination of both. We believe this is the fairest compensation combination for both parties and can either be assessed monthly or quarterly.

The performance fee is typically set from 5.0%-10.0% of the profit based on the positive change in net liquidation value on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The percentage rate of the performance fee will be based on the services and strategy being implemented. A high water mark is also imposed based on the value at month or quarter end. This high water mark is calculated excluding additional deposits or withdrawals and must be surpassed before future performance fees are paid.  Working one-on-one with your investment advisor will assure that the proper fee arrangement is applied for the services and strategies being employed. Clients must meet the minimum asset requirements and attest that they are an "Accredited Investor" in order to participate in the performance based option.

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