At Vintage Capital Advisors, our investment philosophy is centered around a combination of strategies, with the allocation determined by the client's investment objectives and risk tolerances.

First we start with traditional methods of asset allocation and security selection. Then, we use options to either initiate the position, hedge our long or short positions, or to generate income for the portfolio. This allows us to lower the overall risk of the portfolio, and over time, better hedge against market downturns. As an additional strategy, some of our advisors may engage in a more active trading strategy with a portion of the portfolio in order to take advantage of market fluctuations and volatility, either up or down.

The active trading component allows us to create small daily profits, or further hedge the portfolio by taking short term counter positions to the rest of the portfolio. By integrating multiple philosophies we can provide better opportunities for our clients to prosper in virtually any market.

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The strategy of using options to enhance return, manage risk, or work your way into or out of a position has