Vintage Capital Advisors, LLC provides free, no-obligation portfolio reviews for investors who provide us with information. In order to review your portfolio, please provide us with the following information so that we may contact you. If you do not want to fill out this form online.

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Conservative: I want to use my portfolio to build wealth slowly while also preserving my principal.
Moderate: I need a balance of current income and growth of my principal. I can tolerate moderate fluctations in my portfolio in attempting to achieve my goals.
Aggressive: My objective is growth of my principal in the pursuit of maximizing returns in order to build wealth for my retirement years. I understand that the pursuit of this objective may entail a greater potential loss of principal.



$10000 - $50000
$500000 - $1000000
$1000000 - $3000000
$3000000 - $5000000

I closely watch the market and conduct my own research on mutual funds.
Watching the market is very enjoyable but burdensome and confusing.
I am a long term investor
no reason to make changes to my portfolio.
I have an investment advisor who helps me make decisions.
I do not have time to make investment decisions.

I do not have an advisor but I am looking for one.
I do not have an advisor and I would not use one.
I do not have an advisor but I am interested in learning how one might help me with my investments.
I have a good relationship with my advisor I will work with him/her for years to come.
I have a good relationship with my advisor but I have another portion of my portfolio that help.
I have a poor relationship with my advisor.

I need help improving my investment returns.
I do not have the time to monitor my portfolio.
I need to use my portfolio to supplement my income.
I understand that my portfolio deserves constant attention
but I do not want to spend the time monitoring it.
I am not interested in having someone manage my portfolio but would like your recommendations on what to buy and sell.

Joint Account
Corporate Account

Preservation of a significant lump-sum distribution from a sale
Inheritance or bonus.
Reaction to unsettling market volatility.
Improving investment results.
Lack of time to manage portfolio effectively.
Require investment management due to untimely life event/survivorship issues.
401(k) or 403(b) account management.
Diversification into other asset classes such as gold funds or income funds.

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