At Vintage Capital Advisors we provide professional, customized asset management strategies consisting of investments in the global and domestic equities, options, futures, foreign currency and fixed income markets. We are compensated through Asset-Based Management Fees, Performance- Based Fees, or some combination of a low asset management fee and a performance-based fee. - See our Management Fee tab for more details. Our clientele primarily consists of individuals, institutions, 401K plans, profit sharing plans and pensions. Our typical minimum investment levels are $100,000 per hourshold, however, each of our investment advisors chooses their own minimum investment levels based on their own investment strategies and philosophies.

As a client you will receive...

  • Professional Asset Management
  • Personalized Service
  • Direct Communication With The Investment Manager Responsible For Your Account
  • 24/7 Access Via The Internet
  • Competitive Fee Structure
  • AIMR Compliant Comprehensive Performance Reporting
  • Monthly Detailed Statements Provided By The Custodian Holding Your Account
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The strategy of using options to enhance return, manage risk, or work your way into or out of a position has